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Stories from Captain Fletcher's Inn

Captain Fletcher's Inn is much loved by the North Coast community. Many people have fond memories of the Inn. Families from Ukiah came year after year to gain respite from the summer heat. People came from all over California, the nation, and even the world in the 1930's and 40's to fish for the then abundant Coho salmon and steelhead.

Following are some of the spontaneous responses of people when they learned of the effort to save Captain Fletcher's Inn:

“ It was great to read the story in the Mendocino Beacon. My parents were married there.”

—a man from Albion

“ I drive down the coast once a week on business, and every time I go down Navarro Grade I look over at that old building and wonder why nothing has been done to save it. Thanks for your work.”

—a man from Fort Bragg

“ I cut out the artide and saved it. Our first child was conceived at Navarro-by-the-Sea.”

—a woman from Little River

“ When I first came to the coast, I rented one of the guest cabins at the Inn. A great place.”

—owner of Gallery Books, Mendocino

“ I'm so glad the old inn will be saved. My family lived in Ukiah and we used to come over to the coast every summer to get out of the heat. We rented the same room every year, No. 5. Lots of families did the same.”

—a woman now living in Albion

“ It's about time someone did something about that old hotel. We used to have great times fishing there. And the food was pretty good too.”

—a man from Elk

“ I love the place. I waited tables there when I was a girl. My first job.”

—a woman from Coronado

“ It's really important to save old buildings like this. All we've got is McDonalds. Are you going to make an announcement when its restored? I want to come.”

—a high school student from Ukiah